More about Malmö

Malmö is a young, inquisitive Västra hamnenand creative city characterised by innovative thinking.

World-class transport services, minimal distances and ultramodern conference facilities ensure smooth and easy practical arrangements which allows you to focus on the important element: your meeting.

And as a unique twist, Malmö also offers the possibility to easily experience two countries in a single visit.


Getting here is easy

Malmö is just 20minutes from Scandinavia’s largest airport, Copenhagen Airport. Malmö Airport and Copenhagen Airport together offer direct flights to 142 destinations throughout the world. And once you land, onward travel is easy too – trains from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö run every twenty minutes, and buses run continuously from Malmö Airport, stopping at numerous points in central Malmö.


… and so is getting around

The compactness of Malmö city centre offers not only a pleasant ambience and delightful atmosphere, it also enables you to explore the whole of the city even if you are only here for a short time. Most hotels and conference facilities are located within walking distance of the city centre, which means that you are never far from restaurants, cultural activities, entertainment and picturesque parks. The city’s buses and trains run frequently and punctually, and there are plenty of taxis.The fact that most Malmö residents speak good English is another plus!


One destination – two countries

Board the train, enjoy the breathtaking views from the Öresund Bridge – and 30 minutes later you are standing in City Hall Square, in the heart of the bustling Danish capital. Malmö’s advantageous location opens up unique possibilities. Meeting participants can enjoy two countries in a single visit, and the proximity to Copenhagen also means that you can use hotel and meeting facilities on both sides of the sound.


Ultramodern meeting places and hotels

From small informal meetings to large, international congresses with 15,000 participants – Malmö can accommodate everyone. You will find ultra-modern conference facilities offering world-class service and flexibility. And hotel capacity is abundant: central Malmö has approximately

4,000 hotel rooms, and if you add in Lund and Copenhagen (less than 30 minutes from Malmö), the figure increases to 25,000.


At the heart of a leading knowledge region

Malmö lies at the heart of the expansive Öresund region. This area is ranked as the most knowledge intensive in northern Europe with its 14 universities and colleges, over 160,000 students and 12,000 researchers. The Öresund region accounts for more than 25 % of the combined GNP of Sweden and Denmark. The dynamic environment naturally also attracts industry and commerce. Over the past eight years more than 50 large companies have moved their head offices to Malmö, and every day sees eight new businesses launched in the city. If you choose Malmö as a meeting city, there are possibilities for technical visits within several different sectors, and it’s easy to find interesting keynote speakers and lecturers.


A climate-smart knowledge city with 13th-century origins

The bountiful herring fishing of the 13th century was the start of things for Malmö, and it subsequently grew to be one of the biggest cities in Scandinavia during the 16th century. Half-timbered houses, chemist’s and trading stores from that period are still to be found lining the cobbled streets and squares in the oldest parts of Malmö. Following intensive industrialisation, including textile and tobacco production and shipbuilding, the city opted for a brand new revolutionary strategy at the end of the 1990s. Today Malmö is a climate-smart knowledge city, listed as the fourth most innovative in the world by OECD. And it has a young, inquisitive and creative population – almost half of Malmö’s residents are under 35. Malmö has around 300,000 inhabitants and the Öresund region as a whole is home to just over 3.8 million people.


Local ingredients and international influences

With 175 different nationalities represented among the local population this naturally makes for exciting and varied cuisine with scope for both curiosity and experimentation. Add in an abundance of quality local ingredients from the sea and the fertile Skåne plains and you can begin to envisage what Skåne restaurants have to offer. Malmö boasts both fine dining and simple, charming inns, where you can enjoy classic Swedish dishes as well as culinary specialities from all corners of the world.


Time for relaxation?

Large music stages, popular art galleries and a host of nightclubs, pubs and inns – it’s easy to have a good time in Malmö. The attractive pedestrian streets of the city are lined with exciting concept stores alongside large shopping centres, and 3 minutes by train from Malmö C is Emporia – Scandinavia’s biggest shopping centre. For those who prefer the outdoors, Ribersborg, Malmö’s own expansive sandy beach, is just a stone’s throw from the city centre, or why not take a stroll in one of the attractive city parks? And just outside Malmö you will find some of Sweden’s best golf courses.


Green, sustainable Malmö – number three in Europe!

Are you aiming to host a truly “sustainable conference”? Then Malmö is the place for you. The city has adopted a unique approach to sustainability, with environmental, financial and social effects all forming part of the equation. Everything that happens in Malmö is done with sustainability in mind. New, climate-smart city districts are emerging, and old areas are being improved using new environmental technology. And the objectives are ambitious: By 2030 the whole of Malmö will be supplied with 100% renewable energy. 100% of the large conference facilities and 81% of hotel rooms are already environmentally certified.


Did you know…

  • Malmö’s population grew for 28th year in a row
  • The municipality has 307 000 inhabitants
  • The largest labor market region is the Øresund region with 1.8 million people
  • Malmö is a young city, almost half the population is under the age of 35
  • The Öresund region has about 3.8 million inhabitants
  • 31% of Malmö’s residents were born abroad
  • There are 26,000 university students in Malmö
  • 25% of Sweden’s and Denmark’s population lives in the Øresund Region
  • Almost 62,000 people commute daily to work in Malmö from other Swedish municipalities
  • 28,000 commute from Malmö to other Swedish cities
  • 14,600 commuters travel each day over the Øresund Bridge