Malmö Tourism sets ambitious goals for sustainable tourism

Not only is green tourism a growing trend among both private and corporate travelers, sustainability is also becoming an important factor in the choice of locations for conventions and international corporate meetings. For destinations, this means committing to sustainability on a large, documentable scale may well give them an edge in the international competition for such meetings.

As a step in this direction, Malmö Tourism has just become the first Swedish local tourism organisation to apply for, and be granted, an ISO 20121 certification. The certification is especially developed for the event business and was first used at the 2012 London Olympics.

As the first Swedish city council tourism organisation, Malmö Tourism is proud to announce that it has been granted an ISO 20121 certification. To get – and keep – the certification, an organisation has to prove that it is working in a sustainable way with clear goals for improvement, and encouraging its partners to do the same. The idea is for the commitment to sustainability to spread from the local tourism organisation via its networks and partners so that eventually Malmö as a city will become an entirely green destination.