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Travel to Copenhagen

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Take the train

It only takes 35 minutes by Öresundståg from Malmö to Copenhagen. Trains run around the clock, three times an hour during the day and once an hour at night. In Malmö you can get on board at Central Station, Triangeln and Hyllie. An adult single costs SEK 110. If there are more of you or a family, it’s worth buying a Duo/Family ticket, for which two adults and up to three children (up to the age of 16) can travel more cheaply.

Keep in mind that the temporary border controls at Copenhagen Airport and Hyllie station might delay your trip back to Malmö with 30 to 45 minutes.



Take the car

The easiest way is to take the ring road, Yttre ringvägen, to the bridge. The pay station is on the Swedish side, whether you’re approaching from Malmö or Copenhagen. It’s about 40 km from Malmö to Copenhagen and takes around 40 minutes to drive. You can pay by cash or credit card. A cash ticket costs SEK 425, but if you order a BroPass in advance you enjoy a heavily discounted price. Find out more on the Öresund Bridge website.



Take the bus

Bus route 999 travels from Malmö-Copenhagen eight times a day on weekdays and three times on Saturdays. In Malmö, the bus stops at places including Gustav Adolfs torg, Konserthuset and Södervärn, and in Copenhagen at Copenhagen Airport and Rådhusplatsen. A standard single ticket Malmö-Copenhagen costs SEK 100 for an adult, and the price also includes a return trip the same day. Each adult can take along two children under 16 free of charge. You buy your ticket from the driver on the bus. You can pay in Swedish or Danish currency. The journey takes 60 minutes. Swebus Express also operates a Malmö-Copenhagen route, but with fewer departures.


Please note that links provided are to Swedish websites that do not always have English language versions.


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