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Top 10 tourist attractions

Turistkarta för Malmö

Visiting Malmö for the first time? Then we think you should check out these sights. It'll involve a walk or a bike ride, offering both old and new. If you feel like a coffee or a dip in the sea along the way, you can do that.

Turning Torso av arkitekten Santiago Calatrava

The Western Harbour with Turning Torso and Stapelbäddsparken

You’ll probably see it from far away, but take the time to look at the building from close up as well. Architect Santiago Calatrava’s Turning Torso is a spectacular 190 metres high and twists 90 degrees from the base to the top. The Torso is part of the Western Harbour, which really is worth a stroll too, with its winding alleyways, interesting architecture and excellent bathing sites.

This is also where you’ll find the Stapelbäddsparken skateboarding facility, with an area of 2,000 square metres making it one of the biggest in Europe.  Skateboard or try climbing at the boulder park, the Nordic region’s only climbing park with blocks of rock. Or make do with watching other people have a go.


Lilla Torg

A cosy spot in the heart of the city, with food and drink to suit most tastes. People like to meet in Lilla Torg over lunch, a coffee or a drink. In the summertime the square is transformed into one great al fresco dining venue.  For many people, Lilla Torg is a natural starting venue for the evening, as some of Malmö’s most popular night clubs are nearby.

Malmöhus slott speglas vackert i vallgraven.

Malmöhus Castle and Slottsparken

The castle, which is the oldest preserved renaissance castle in the Nordic region, is also the home of Malmö Museums. The exhibitions deal with history, technology, shipping and nature. You can go on board a real submarine or come face to face with fish and snakes in the new aquarium.

Just next door is Slottsparken with its vast grassed areas for games and picnics, a charming garden café, wonderful flower beds, canals and play areas.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the castle and experience the historical atmosphere.

Malmö Museums: Open daily 10:00-17:00. Entry SEK 20/40. Free entry for those aged 19 or under.

Den vackra kyrkan S:t Petri är värd ett besök.

St Peter's Church

St Peter’s Church (S:t Petri kyrka) is the oldest building in Malmö, founded at the beginning of the 14th century. Call in and be impressed by the magnificent building, or to listen to a service or a concert.

The church is open daily, free entry .

Moderna museets lysande röda fasad i Malmö.

Moderna museet

This museum is a part of the State-run Moderna museet in Stockholm and has exhibitions featuring both works from the 20th century and interesting contemporary art. Family workshops are also held here on a regular basis, and family tours when children are made especially welcome. The beautiful premises, dating back to 1901, were originally used by Malmö Elektricitetsverk as a power station.

Open Tuesdays-Sundays 11:00-18:00, closed Mondays. Entry SEK 50/70. Free entry for those aged 18 or under.

Ribergsborgs kallbadhus med sin vackra brunnsarkitektur

Kallbadhuset and Ribersborg beach

At Ribersborgs kallbadhus you can enjoy a wood-fired sauna and nude bathing in the sea all year round. The bathing facility has separate areas for men and women, so bathing clothes are not necessary.  There’s plenty of room on the jetties to enjoy the sun, as well as a popular restaurant. And the location is ideal by the Ribersborg beach, which is packed with people enjoying the sea when the weather is hot. In the summer you can also dance, play beach volleyball, go roller blading and much more besides along this popular promenade by the beach.

Kallbadhuset is open every day of the year. Entry to the bathing facility SEK 65, free of charge for children up to 7.

Torgmarknad på Möllevångstorget

Möllevångstorget and Folkets park

174 nations are represented in Malmö, and this is evident in Möllevångstorget and the local district. You can find everything you need here to eat or prepare food from all corners of the world. Restaurants, traders in the square and lots of small, international food shops.

Folkets park, just next door, is where Malmö residents go to relax. The park houses the best club venue in the city, a house of culture, a dance palace and al fresco dining for the adults, and a playground, a terrarium and crazy golf for children. In among all these, picnics on the grass, dipping in the pond and a nice place to hang out. If you’re lucky, football might be shown on the big screen outdoors.

Folkets park is open every day of the year. Free entry to the park.

Skiss över kulturkvarteret Malmö Live

Malmö Live

An entire district of culture! Malmö Live consists of, among other things, a concert hall, conference venue, hotel and restaurants. This place will be truly vibrant after the official opening on 2 May 2015. Go and have a look at the wonderful buildings, look inside if you can, and ideally – attend a concert in Sweden’s finest concert hall.

Vacker herrgårdsmiljö vid Katrinetorps landeri.

Katrinetorps landeri

Attractive manor house dating back to the 19th century with fragrant roses, kitchen garden, English park, vineyard and plant shop. You will also find exhibitions that are true gems, and a cosy restaurant with a large outdoor area. Katrinetorp is a few kilometres to the south of Malmö and can be reached by bike, car or bus.

Open all year round, see website for times. Free entry when there is no market or other special event.

Interiörbild från Emporia


Shop until you drop at one of the biggest shopping malls in the Nordic region. You can find fashion, interior design and sports shops here, in fact everything from Italian branded clothing to Myrorna and Clas Ohlson. If you need a break you can grab a coffee, enjoy a tasty meal, get your nails done or visit the hairdresser.

Emporia is in the newly built district of Hyllie, a few minutes by train from Triangeln and the Central Station. (Buy a ticket before you get on board.)

Open daily, 10:00-20:00.


Western Harbour and Turning Torso

Turning Torso, Lilla Varvsgatan, Malmö, Sverige

Lilla Torg

Lilla torg, Malmö, Sverige

Malmöhus Castle

Malmöhus Slott, Malmöhusvägen, Malmö, Sverige

St Peter's church

St Petri kyrka, Göran Olsgatan, Malmö, Sverige

Moderna museet

Moderna Museet, Gasverksgatan, Malmö, Sverige

Ribersborgs kallbadhus

Ribersborgs kallbadhus, Malmö, Sverige

Folkets park

Folkets park, Malmö, Sverige

Malmö Live

Citadellsvägen 4, Malmö, Sverige


Emporia, Hyllie Boulevard, Malmö, Sverige

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