Excursions in Malmö and Skåne

Malmö is the city the Danes leave Copenhagen for over the mighty Öresund Bridge. International artists live on stage, shopping malls, designer boutiques, multi-cultural ambiance – the city of parks.

Malmö is the world-class award winning city at the forefront of ecological and environmental friendly city development. Fair trade thinking in a modern environment that has its roots in ancient times. Scandinavia’s oldest Renaissance castle, Malmöhus Castle, is just a short walk from the Turning Torso skyscraper, and that is just one example!
Malmö is Malmö – a unique city with a unique and dynamic identity. The gateway to the beautiful, farming province of Skåne with its rolling hills and fantastic coastline.

What should you see during your stay in Malmö and Skåne? Download this PDF to get a few suggestions!

Excursions Malmö – Skåne

Experience Malmö


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