About Copenhagen Malmö Port

The history of Copenhagen Malmö Port is a story about a unique cross-border alliance. For the first time in history, two ports in two different countries have joined all their port operations into one company, one organisation and one legal entity. CMP is the port authority in both Copenhagen and Malmö. Copenhagen is the major cruise port in Northern Europe and all expertice and know-how from Copenhagen is available when ships docks in Malmö.


CMP is located in the heart of the booming Øresund Region with 3.5 million inhabitants, an expanding business sector and increasing integration of people, know-how and products across Øresund. At the same time, the Øresund Region is the gateway to the entire Baltic Region with more than 100 million inhabitants.

Located in the heart of Malmö and Copenhagen with direct access to the main road/railway network and international Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup and Sturup in Malmö, CMP’s harbour areas are the obvious place to set up multimodal distribution centres for Northern European markets. CMP has the region’s largest combined cargo (road/rail/sea/air) turnover.

CMP is a major modern port operator, offering all types of port services. CMP’s efficient production facilities are continuously updated as technological opportunities and customer needs change.

CMP services are available in all port areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being a full-service port operator, CMP handles most types of cargo, and carries out loading, unloading, transhipment and warehousing.


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