Sustainable Malmö

Malmö has changed from a grey industrial city with deserted streets and squares to an exciting city of the future, where anything can happen – and does. Let sustainability guide Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson take you on a tour of one of the world’s greenest cities, a city with several prestigious prizes for its work on sustainable development: Let’s start…

The Music of Malmö

Young, hot, creative, political and urbane. Malmö’s music scene embodies a passion that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. An underdog that always wins through, and has its own style. Here, club connoisseur and freelance writer Nadia Bhere tells us why music lovers should choose Malmö: No disrespect to Stockholm and Gothenburg….

A Culinary Guide to Malmö

Malmö is a sprawling, multicultural city, which can offer a surprising number of different food cultures for its size. We asked Måns Renntun, local foodie and freelance journalist, to guide us through the hotspots of culinary Malmö: Understanding Malmö as a culinary destination requires both dinner at raw, innovative Bastard and a visit to the…

Cruise Malmö network

Cruise Malmö Network is established as a partnership between Copenhagen Malmö Port, the City of Malmö and representatives from the tourist sector in Malmö/Skåne. The aim of the network is to market Malmö as a part of the Öresundregion and to develop the city and region as an attractive cruise destination in the Baltic Sea….

Malmö. It starts here.

Malmö is more than a city. Malmö is encounters, food and laughter. Malmö brims with people creating experiences for everyone to enjoy – theatre, art and music. Malmö is the place where you’ll meet a promising young designer, a chef whose restaurant is boasting its first Michelin star, a director pushing boundaries, a band recording…